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Entry Point to the Home Page of Linda Blanchard
Links to all the main sections of the website.

Entry Level, Graphical Version

** . . Wheat Free Zone
Entry point to information on celiac disease.
** . . Milk-Free Zone/ADHD and Living Milk-Free
Entry point to the subweb on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the effect of milk upon ADHD suffers, and what other effects milk has on some folks.
** . . Parenting and Family and About Us/Family Natters
A section about Linda's family, and about parenting.
. . . . .Humor
Links, mostly.
** . . Writing
Links, and my writing.
. . . . .Gardening
and Xeriscape, with links.
. . . . .Best Web Resources
HTML and lots of other stuff useful for anyone who visits the WWW (or lives there).
. . . . .Science Fiction and Fandom
Links to fanzine fandom, conventions, and friends.
. . . . .Genealogy
Links and lineage.
. . . . .Astronomy and Space
. . . . .Index to This Site
You Are Here. :)

Wheat-Free Zone, Graphical

Introduction To A Gluten-Free Living Primer
...A Gluten-Free Living Primer, a pep-talk plus:
Introduction to Celiac Disease and More (under construction)
** . . Gluten-Free Diet Basics
** . . What Can I Do To Help Other Celiacs?
** . . Gluten-Free Recipes and Links
. . . . .Celiac Links: A list of websites owned and run by and for celiacs.
** . . Gluten-Free Travel


Gluten-Free Diet Basics includes:
...Ingredients To Watch For (And Why) defines the terms below and links to detail. Suggests food guides.
Toxic Grains
Whole Foods
Taboo Ingredients To Avoid
Nebulous Ingredients to Question w/link to FDA website
Controversial Foods To Study links to vinegar file.
Safe Ingredients that Sound Suspicious but Aren't
...Foods (and other things) To Think Twice About,
Tricky places contamination hides if no one suggests you think about these (and including an FDA link on loopholes in the labeling laws).
...Celiac Support Groups on the Web
Lots of great links
...Food Guides for Gluten-Free Foods
Where to send for information updated by other groups (printed copies you can bring to the grocery store with you).
...Gluten-Free Foods Database
Deleted due to lack of time keeping up with it. Visit for a more current version updated by delphiforum members.
What Can I Do To Help Other Celiacs?
Center for Celiac Research where you can donate funds that will really help
Good Questions To Ask Manufacturers the fight for better labelling
Gluten-Free Recipes and Links
Recipe Page including Bread, Biscuits, Chocolate Chip Cookies and a link to my tester's signup form.
Cooking Links
Gluten-Free Travel
Gluten-Free Travel in England and Wales
Celiac Survival in Midland, Texas, USA

Milk-Free Zone, Graphical

ADHD and Living Milk-Free
In which Linda talks about how milk impacts behavior and back problems. Includes links and book reviews.
A Book Review of No Milk

Parenting and Family/About Us, Graphical

Family Natters
In which we introduce ourselves, along with links to a virtual tour of the store and photos of family, links to more family members, and miscellaneous links.


Writing Links, and My Writing
Links to other writers and to:
A Midnight Ramble with No Destination in Mind
A Walk in West Texas
Montezuma's Revenge of Mexicon