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Welcome to my web for celiacs, those suffering from dermatitis herpetiformis, and anyone who is wheat-allergic or sensitive. These pages contain a wealth of links to other resources on the net, as well as recipes; a growing database of foods that you may explore (and help to build); resources for those new to living life gluten-free; and a discussion group about living the "Celiac Life." Those with live links are on-line now, the rest are still under construction. Keep checking back often!

A Gluten-Free Living Primer
Introductory information on celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, wheat allergies, and how to cope with the diet. Includes addresses and other information on suppliers of gluten-free foods and ingredients. You'll also find here a list of ingredients to be wary of when shopping, along with discussion of why some of these ingredients are on the list. Great for debunking myths about foods (especially grains) listed by many as "unsafe" when they are actually fine.
Gluten-Free Comfort Foods Cookbook  
An online cookbook complete with gluten-free recipes for everything from family favorite cookies to staples like teriyaki sauce! The web-based cookbook includes extensive indices so you can find what you're looking for, hints, a glossary, links to cooking sources and resources, and some free recipes. An online catalog sells the rest of the recipes.
Delphi's Celiac Disease On-Line Support Group
I never could get a bulletin board working here on my web, but that's okay, since Delphi has a very lively community that reminds me of the early days of the St. John's email list (back when people were allowed to just chat and get to know each other, and humor prevailed along with all that good advice). The Delphi group now has an on-line gluten-free foods database that is much bigger than mine, plus recipes and lots of free advice.
Celiac Life Pages
After you've explored all the above, you may find you want even more information on living the celiac life. Here you'll find my essential links pages (the best sources of information critical to celiacs on the Net), links to other celiac's pages, support group lists, travel information, emergency preparedness and more.

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