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Linda and Dave are the proud parents of three: Miri, age 16, Ted, age 14, and Astral Castle Books & Games (formerly Mind Play), just a kid, age 11. The family lives in Midland, Texas, but prior to the three births Dave & Linda lived a while in the Dallas area. 

In fact, Texas was Dave's first experience in the United States, as he's originally from Sheffield, England.

When asked where she's from, Linda says, "I'm not sure. It depends." Depends on what, you ask? On how you define "where I'm from." If by place-of-birth, then Albuquerque, New Mexico. But I don't really remember it much. If by where-raised, then I'm from New England, having spend the greatest portion of my youth in Connecticut and Massachusetts (graduate of Duxbury High School class of 1972). If by my chosen home as an adult, then Seattle is "where I'm from." I have led, as you can tell, a bit of a gypsy life.

Think you might know me from The Good Old Days (which encompasses most of my life)? Please drop me a line. I'm not a very good correspondent but I do like to get caught up with old friends every now and then, which is why you'll find a separate page for lost friends I am looking for.

If you'd like to see photos of the lot of us, start with the thumbnail pictures on the Virtual Tour and from there you can choose which photo groups you'd like to see in their full-sized glory. We also have a page that has more recent photos and news, but in the interests of family security, it's password protected. If you want in, please let me know. If you already know the password, you can go from here to the Family News page. 

Our Town

I've been wanting to get out and get some pictures of this place and load them to this page but haven't been able to. Out browsing the web, I found a nice view of Midland and a brief tour (with a few commercial interruptions) you can check out to find out more about where we live. I'm also working on developing a page full of Things to Do In and Around Midland, Texas; admittedly I'm building it more to keep myself aware of things we can do together as a family, but you're welcome to use the page, too.

Linda's Family Links

Just to show you what a high tech family I have, let me introduce some of my family on the net:


One of the most popular questions in our town is, "What church do you go to?" After many years of struggling to find a faith, I've found, instead, a better way of looking at the world. You can read all about it, and Buddhism in Midland, Texas, on my Buddhism page. You can also find out how we're dealing with teaching our children about religion on my Teaching Religion to Children page.

Linda's Ecclectic List of Links

It had to happen, I had to add a list of my favorite links on the Net. This happens because not everything fits into the theme of these pages -- I have some varied interests -- and I want to be able to get to them easily myself, and share them with others. So....

Snopes Urban Legends Te
Move over Urban Legends Archive -- has even more urban legends, well organized and with researched ("Is this one true or false?" answers).  What are Urban Legends? Well, have you heard the story about the kids left alone in the house, and the phone rings and it's this threatening voice; turns out there's a killer on the loose, and he's calling from the second phone in the house. Or the one about the lady who wanted the recipe for the Red Velvet Cake and ended up really paying for it? Or how about how playing Dungeons and Dragons can lead you into serious trouble, death and suicide? All of these are urban legends. If you thought legends and myths died out when Christianity replaced the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, this site may be a revelation to you. Discover the real story!
The Richard Dawkins Page
Not sponsored by Himself, but part of the Paleo Ring. This link is provided for Dave, who is fascinated by evolutionary reasoning and the way ideas spread (memes).

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