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On this page I'll put links to the newest news and photos of our family, in reverse order. This will give us a photo album on the Net that can be shared with friends and family who have been given the password. To protect the kids, I don't want "just anybody" to have the password.... aren't you lucky to be allowed into the "club"?

Miri's Warrior Wanda
Miri traded in her first horse, Brandy, for a new horse, Wanda. Wanda is younger, "green", and fertile. She is currently in foal to "My Stormy Warrior" for July 2005. Updated August 21, 2004.
Front Garden Evolution (same photo album available from gardening pages) constantly updated
Redo of lawn begun September 2003 in frustration after a herd of bugs destroyed half the native lawn. Updated August 21, 2004.
Back Yard Evolution (same photo album available from gardening pages) constantly updated
First you burn the tumbleweeds, then you bring in horses and feed them lots of hay and get free manure you can compost in place...   Updated August 21, 2004.
Guinevere October 03 to Present
Found a puppy in October 2003. Includes updated photos of Guinevere August 21, 2004.
Linda's Gypsy Roadrunner, Born July 2003
Ongoing photo album of Hasty's colt growing up. Updated August 21, 2004.
Hasty's Got One Month To Go (July 2003)
Five photos of a pretty, pregnant mare.
After Ted's Birthday Party, July 2, 2001
After Ted's (family) party at our store, we all adjourned outside to try out the present that Aaron had given to Ted. The images on these pages come from my 35mm camera; I had Kodak put the images on a CD, and have edited them down, usually reducing the size of the larger images 1/3 or 1/2 of the original size.
Family Portraits
Professionally made portraits of the kids. These are scans using a flat-bed scanner. The odd texture of some of the larger images is due to the portraits having been put onto a "linen" finished board.
April 2000
Miri, Ted and Linda go to Scarborough Faire. Miri gets dressed up in '50s costume. We see the first turtle of spring. All these images were taken with my digital camera, so the quality isn't as good as with a 35mm. The whole page took 10 minutes to load over my 24K connection, so you might want to open the page and go take a break and then come back to look at it.
April 1999
Our trip to England and Wales. These were taken with 35 mm cameras, Kodak developed them and put them on CDs in .JPEG format, and I have edited them down for the Net. The initial screen that comes up is done as a frame, with thumbnail images, for faster loading. You can then click on the thumbnails to get a larger view and (usually) a description of some kind. Once you've loaded the larger picture, you should feel free to click on it to get an even better view, because you've already loaded it, so it takes no time at all. (If you want me to explain that more clearly, just email and ask. Just trust me and try it.)

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