Duxbury High School, Class of 1972

This page is just a beginning. I'd like to add links to all web pages for members of the class of 1972, Duxbury High School, Duxbury, Massachusetts. If not web pages, then email addresses. If you wouldn't want your email address to appear on a web page (it can get you more spam than you'd like), I would be glad to keep it private. Then if someone asks if I have your email address, I'll offer to send you an email with their email address in it, so that you can contact the asker at your leisure. 

If I do not have your name here, please hit the "Email Me" link below and send me a message with details. 

Eventually we could perhaps have a virtual class reunion online. If you have an inspired idea for any other project to do with our class, I can add it to my web, so long as it doesn't take a whole lot of maintenance on my part. I can add photos, too.

Linda Blanchard
No change of last name here, though I did get married in 1986 (and I am still married to the same fellow). Two kids, one cat, one dog, two fish, one turtle, one house in the most unlikely spot in the U.S. Sharing the ownership (and founding) of the local game and science fiction bookstore in Midland, Texas. Email me

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