Here are the names of lost friends I am looking for.

This page is put up so that if you search for your own name on the Net, and your name is on this page, you'll find me. Whether or not you're interested in doing anything about it afterward, well, that's up to you.

Locations after names tell you where it was I knew you.  If you've found your name here remember: you have an advantage. You can read all about me and satisfy *your* curiosity, but I'd still like to know how things are with you.  Please Email Me!

If your name isn't on this list, it doesn't mean I don't remember you, or I'm not interested in talking to you. Maybe it means... I remember you but not your name, or I've already found you (I Know Where You Are). Mostly these are just folks I've misplaced and would like to say, "Hi" and perhaps, "What's been happening with you since we last met?" Names cross my mind all the time while I'm miles away from the keyboard, then the old brain cells have failed me again by the time I get back to where I could update these pages and add folks.

Whether or not you're one of these folks you can Email Me.

And Found! Friends

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