What Can I Do To Help Other Celiacs?

Here are several suggestions for things you can do to help other celiacs, both as individuals, and as a group.
  1. Join a local support group -- or start one if there isn't one in your area.
  2. Help fund the Center for Celiac Research. Every little bit helps. Have a car wash or some other fundraising event if you can't contribute directly.
  3. Call food manufacturers and ask good questions. The more of us calling, the more aware they will become of our needs.
  4. Join the St. John's free email listserv and join in the discussions. You learn a lot and help by answering the questions of others. Plus, there is power in numbers and the numbers of celiacs with computer access is astounding, and growing.
  5. When a local celiac ends up in the hospital or otherwise unable to cope, bring food. This is wise and kind to do for wheat-eaters but it is well nigh critical for celiacs.


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