Center for Celiac Research

What If You Could Always Tell What Was Gluten-Free In Your Supermarket?

What a wonderful world it would be if we could shop as easily as some people do for Kosher foods; just look for a symbol on the label. How about going into McDonald's and being able to order a gluten-free bun on your burger? Pie in the Sky, you say? Maybe not. If it were widely known that celiac disease is not rare; if those currently suffering from the disease were diagnosed, and our numbers -- somewhere between 500,000 and one million in the U.S. alone, by expert estimates -- were well known, manufacturers could be inspired to be clearer about their ingredients; the FDA might be induced to change labeling laws in our favor. You can help make this happen. Well-respected scientists are currently building funding for a definitive study that would prove what the incidence of celiac disease in the U.S. In some countries in Europe, you can get that gluten-free bun at McDonald's, and the difference was made by having accurate numbers. I'm going to pledge funds; how about you?

Here's the basic information:

The Center for Celiac Research. Funds for the Center for Celiac Research are administered by the University of Maryland Foundation,Inc. which is 501c(3). Federal I.D. 52-112-5663.

Send checks and pledges to:

Mail to: Center For Celiac Research
University Of Maryland School Of Medicine
29 S. Greene St. Rm. 120
Baltimore, MD 21201

For more information:

Pamela King
1-410-706-3076 or email
Director of External Affairs
Department of Pediatrics
700 W. Lombard Street
Room 206
Baltimore, MD 21201

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