Travel on a Gluten-Free Diet

Travelling has been so much a part of my personality for so long that I find it painful to be so uncomfortable with the idea of "just picking up and going" ever since being forced to go gluten-free. Over time I hope to develop this page and others into a web of information on travel to various areas, as a resource for myself and everyone else who travels "gluten-free" anywhere in the world. In the meantime, I have only two links to offer.

Gluten-Free Travel in England and Wales
In which I will describe what you can do in advance of your trip, and what we found when we got there in April of 1999.
Celiac Survival in Midland, Texas
A page detailing where we eat (and what) in our home town.
Travel Connections
A start on a page of links to other's sites dealing with sticking to our specialized diet while traveling.

If you have a page that describes safe dining (or B&Bs or hotels or whatever) in your area, or wherever you have traveled, please let me know so that I can link to your pages.


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