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I regret that it's come to this but I have finally figured out that life isn't going to give me time, just now, to keep up with my recipe testers. The pleas I get for various recipes make me sad that I've been unable to dedicate any time to having testers work on my recipes. It's not that I'm not still developing them -- I am, because, after all, I still have to cook most of our food and variety is essential. In fact I've recently come up with a pizza dough recipe that puts my old recipe to shame, and it's that very recipe that made me decide that holding on to something that good for the years it would take me to get a recipe book published was well nigh criminal.

I mean, really, when it comes to this diet I have often found that the frustrations of being denied some food that others are enjoying can be reduced by just knowing you can have something as good or better when you get home. This is why I try to cook enough pizza each time to put some in the freezer, but since I have a family of four and we've been pizza-deprived for several years, I'm having a hard time keeping my crusts "in stock".

That, and recent changes in our financial situation (the loss of my job, the crash of oil prices with attendant belt-tightening all around our community, which really affects businesses like our family-owned store) have made me decide that I should go ahead and offer my recipes for sale.

Consequently, over the next few weeks I will work on prettying them up in preparation for sending out via email to anyone who wants to buy them.

If you'd like to know when the catalog is online, click the "Mind It" button below; this will allow you to sign up to be notified when this page changes. I'll update this page with a link to the catalog when it's online.

Sorry I haven't been responding to tester requests lately, but I look forward to any comments you might have on any recipes you purchase in the future.

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