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Molly Ivins
(Goodbye, Molly, you are missed.) One of my favorite writers ever since moving here. She also belongs on my humor page, though her humor has a bite. She isn't always funny, though, so I am putting her here. If you lean to the Liberal/Democratic side, you should definitely read what she writes. She can make you laugh at antics that are so painful you want to cry, and she'll often point out some amazing thing you'd never imagine (like she did for me on the link between drug companies and breast cancer).
The Texas Observer
Note the dot-org on the end of their website; this is a not-for-profit publication, one of the few left. The writing is incisive and balanced. If you want to know what's really going on in Texas (or view the world through the lens of Texas) this is a great place to spend some reading time.
Here's a long, well-written tale of what it's like to become a Scientologist and stay on the inside for many many years. This semi-autobiographical tale reveals many of the deeper secrets of Scientology, and makes me wince. I am going to think hard about how to "immunize" my kids against this kind of cult.

Some of My Writing

A Midnight Ramble With No Destination In Mind
A summertime drift through town and parenting.
A Walk in West Texas
A different sort of ramble, this time in the winter in our own back yard.
This is an unusual piece for me. It's "fan fiction" and I don't usually combine fiction with my writing for fandom, although it's a popular style with many. "FAFIA" is a fannish term, an acronym for Forced Away From It All, which is how my life has been, forcing me away from the joys of participating in fanzine fandom, which I love and miss.
Montezuma's Revenge of Mexicon (1986)
The middle piece of a trilogy that includes "The Day We Met" and "For Whom The Bell Tolls" which when put together tells the story of how I came to marry a man I'd never physically met. When I find copies of the other two pieces, I'll include them. In the meantime, this piece is probably only of interest to those who attended Mexicon that year. However, as it stands it is fairly representative of the American variety of fanzine convention reports.
On Disbelieving (1986)
A long, sweetly sad story of work and love that attempts to explain why I no longer believe in reincarnation.


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