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Genealogy Links

U.S. Genealogy Web Project
Here's a good starting point for genealogical research on the Net.
Genealogy Resources on the Net
A page full of information on using the Net for research.
Fletch's Genealogy Page
Lots of good links with descriptions.
A genealogy forum with many discussion groups on various family lines. I watch the ones for Wadsworth, Kendall, Moberly, Pipes and Blanchard.
My Genealogy
You can visit the page I have put up at the the Family Tree Maker website, though it does not actually contain as much information as you'll find right here on this page. What is really cool is the family tree I published there using Family Tree Maker. It can be accessed at the bottom of the page but I've also put a copy of the link right here: Linda Blanchard - InterneTree which you can use to run the java aplet that lets you explore our family research, such as it is thusfar. This applet will let you ask for an index of all names (just press the letter F once the aplet is running), an index which includes:

You can see the graveyards my kids and I visited during the summer of 1999 by going to my Grave Images page.

Blanchard Family Research

Actually, the Blanchard line is pretty complete back to Thomas Blanchard, who arrived in Charlestown, Mass in 1636. But we are working on collateral lines to that, plus my paternal grandmother's line (MacQuarries) and my mother's line (Moberlys and more). Below is a short list of connections -- more properly they are the broken ends of threads I'd like to reweave. If anyone has information on these, I'd appreciate it. Someday I hope to have more information about these lines up on the Net, but that will not be for a while. In the meantime, if any of these names are familiar to you, please feel free to Email Me.

Blanchard Ancestors

Here's A Blanchard email list.

born (probably August 4, 1783) (probably daughter of Joseph Wadsworth and Anna Drew. I am having trouble proving her connection to Joseph, though I have a lot of peripheral evidence that points to it, like her age being the same and her birthday falling in the same quarter as the Huldah Wadsworth who was clearly Joseph's daughter. She married Seth Hunt, in Duxbury, MA, May 12, 1801. Their children were Adeline, Wadsworth, Seth, Huldah, Elisabeth W. Judith, Samuel W., Joseph W., and William F. (born 1802-1827). Samuel W. Hunt married Susan Holmes, November 25, 1844. Their children were Charles E. Hunt, Sarah and Susan E (identical twins), Mary E., Samuel W., Helen B., and Lillian G. It was Susan E who married George Fowle (circa 1860). Their daughter, Mabel W. Fowle married Howard Malcom Blanchard February 3, 1889.
born in the late 1700s to early 1800s, probably in Massachusetts (though he may be an immigrant). He married Caroline Kendall November 9, 1823, in Boston, MA (then Suffolk county). The only children I know they had for certain are Caroline (b. Nov 4, 1823-1825? d. Oct 13, 1890 in Marshfield, Mass) and Edward (b. March 4, 1827, d. May 30, 1891). While it is Caroline who is my ancestor, her brother, Ned, was famous for playing the bugle. The family history has the Ned play the bugle for the Queen of England, and there's a story of a famous phrase associated with his carreer, "That's either the Devil or Ned Kendall playing." Caroline married Bradford Blanchard, March 22, 1845.

MacQuarrie Ancestors

Edna MacQuarrie was born May 2, 1901, in Westville, Nova Scotia. I have a sketchy outline of her family history, but not enough. She died in October 1997, my last living grandparent. And I miss her.

Some Scottish type links:
The MacQuarrie tartan
An alternate MacQuarrie tartan I'd never seen before but it's pretty
A peek under a kilt
Scottish roots website (powerful but you have to pay for anything useful)


Moberly Ancestors

We are always trying to find more information on the Moberly line (Mobberley) in Belmont County, Ohio. Our John Moberly who married Mary Ann Street, and their parents John and Lucinda Moberly are the last really solid connections we have there, though the Moberly researchers on the Net have given us some pretty good leads back into the poorly recorded years beyond.

We are also working on Pipes, Redd, and Streets that connect to this line, and have some very good information on Shacklettes and Laidleys.

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