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While Celiac Disease is a medical condition, the people who have the disease are more than the sum of their doctor's bills! Many of us talk about what it's like to be a celiac and how we were diagnosed, and how we cope. Some don't care to talk. But if you're interested in people, please feel free to visit some of the links listed below!

Celiac Support Groups
Visit this page for links to celiac support groups in the U.S. and world-wide.
The Gluten-Free Page - Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance Web Sites
Don Wiss' site has a lot of links to other sites of interest to celiacs and their friends. This is one of the more comprehensive sites on the Net.
Ron Hoggan
Articles including a thesis called, "Application of the Exorphin Hypothesis to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder: A Theoretical Framework"
Gluten-Free Beer?!?
This is one of the most asked questions: "Is there a gluten-free beer?" This site answers that question, and more -- about ongoing study of how to make a gluten-free beer.
More Gluten-Free Beer!
Here's another site on the subject of gluten-free beer.
Jewish Celiacs
Challenged by coping with a doubly-restrictive diet? Here's information on keeping kosher while maintaining a gluten-free diet.
Gluten-Free in Toronto
Written by a celiac who lives there and knows the place well, here is a resource for those visiting Toronto, Ontario (Canada, of course).
Barbara Flaum  
Oh! How I'd love to visit this Bed & Breakfast in the Adelaide Hills. If you're traveling to Australia, you could enjoy a gluten-free meal and some quiet relaxation at Barbara's.
Ted Hodge
Carries most of the archives from the celiac list right on his massive website. There are also numerous articles by respected researchers in the field, here.
Jean Fremont
Is a registered dietician and a celiac, with a very helpful site.
Clan Thompson
Four celiacs in one family! This site also has a database of gluten-free drugs and vitamins. A terrific resource.
Deanna's Celiac and Diabetic's Pages
A new website with recipes for the even more demanding diet of those who have both celiac disease and diabetes.
Jessica's Page
A celiac site for celiac kids, by a celiac kid. Great!
Sarah Stokes
A brightly styled home page, with celiac links and more.
Lucy Shriver
Focuses on cooking gluten-free, lives in Texas, and she has a discussion group, too. (Sounds a lot like me! <g>)
Scott Adams
Is another with a site full of good information and links to more good information.
Don Millette
Don can often be found on the #celiac channel on IRC chat, but if you visit his web page, you can put a face to that "romrider" handle...
Allan Gardyne
This is my favorite site on this list, not because of the content -- though there's a lot of good information here -- but more because of the writer's style. Visit Australia! and grab that macaroon recipe while you're there.
Ellen and Chuck's Phunny Pharm
"Belly Acres" is an appropriate name for the home of celiacs, isn't it! Ellen also has Hashimotos, another autoimmune syndrome.
Emanuele Ortoleva
Most of this site is in Italian but, gosh, can you imagine living in the land of pasta and good crusty Italian bread and trying to live gluten-free?
Chuck Roberts
Starts with genealogy and goes on to create pages to help celiacs contact manufacturers.
Treasure and her son, Taylor
Taylor is about the same age as my son Ted, and like Ted, he's a celiac. Treasure suspects she, too, may be a celiac (hmmm what is it about being pregnant and developing celiac disease?). Follow their adventures in links from their home page.
Amy's Shrine
Amy's irreverence shines through here.
Abigail's Is It FMS, CMS, or Celiac Disease?
Follow Abigail's adventures as she strives for a diagnosis. A compellingly told story, plus links.
Paul's Home Page (Temporarily on Hiatus)
Contains some background on celiac disease, as well as a lot of nice links showing his wide-ranging interests.

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