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Search The St. John's Celiac Listserv
The St. John's Celiac Listserv is a free email list you can subscribe to, in which you can communicate with other celiacs from all over the world. This is a valuable resource all by itself, however, the volume of mail can be enough to intimidate some (I don't read it every day myself). What's almost as good as being a mail-reading subscriber, though, is visiting this search page. If you have a question about anything relating to celiac life ("Is toothpaste gluten free?" "Is vinegar safe?") you can go to this page, type in the keywords, and get back results showing what related questions others have asked and answers to their questions. Since this file goes back to 1995, I find using the date delimiter useful in limiting the responses to more recent conversations (for example in the "Since" box I put "January 2000"). You do need to keep in mind that the posts here are generally from lay people (rarely are they from medical professionals) so you have to keep your mind open to the distinct possibility that the answers may be from highly opinionated people -- who aren't always right. But you will get a lot of good information this way -- recipes too!
Delphi's Celiac Disease On-Line Support Group
Free-ranging discussion of whatever your daily concerns may be is the main focus of this threaded discussion board. Because of it's bulletin-board style, you can visit any time, post a question or answer other's questions, and then come back another day to see what comments your post has generated from other users. 
University of Maryland's Center For Celiac Research
This research center is working on developing new and easier tests for celiac disease. If you (or anyone you know) are still eating wheat, you can get a free blood test through this site. 
Reading Food Labels
My own short course on what to avoid and what is safe.

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