Horse Boarding in Midland, Texas

If you're looking for a place to board horses in Midland, Texas, I can definitely recommend the stables belonging to L.C. Hobbs. We've had our mare there since 2001, and we're quite pleased with the place. The price is extremely reasonable -- you provide the food for your horse, but Mr. Hobbs is glad to actually feed your horse twice a day, morning and night; you also clean your own stall, though tools are provided. His stalls are open-air with fairly deep shade and shelter provided by an overhanging roof. The stalls are generously sized, too. There are tack lockers -- you can provide a padlock if you like -- and a phone is in the main tack shed. 

Riders can enjoy the safe enclosure of a modestly-sized arena, which has lights for night riding, too. Horses are allowed an hour a day of grazing in the pasture just beyond the arena. Most of the year the place is lush with lovely green grass, and the pines that line the south side of the property add a feeling of coolness against the Texas heat. The photos below were taken this winter, so you can't see how green the place normally looks, but it'll give you a feel for the boarding facility.  Located on the north side of Midland but not hardly what I'd call "out of town" (though it apparently was well out of town when Mr. Hobbs bought the place about half a century ago), it is very easily accessible, and yet there's suburban and perhaps even a bit of country riding to be enjoyed in the area. 

But it's not only a great place to rent stalls, it's a very pleasant hang-out for other riders, too. I'll include some photos of the others who keep their horses at Mr. Hobbs.  And I mustn't forget Mr. Hobbs himself, who is an easy-going "landlord" too.

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The barns and tack shed:
Arena and riders:
Anna and Star:
Other Riders and Horses:
Miri and Brandy race Hasty:


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